Selling your home involves more than just signing a contract and placing a For Sale sign on your lawn. Making a mistake in selling your home can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost profit. However, avoiding mistakes is easy and takes less time and effort on your part when you hire us to handle the details.


We believe that it is our job to help you maximize the value in your property, and will will do whatever possible to facilitate that. Our service model is designed around this premise and has proven successful. We will:

  • Work together with you to define what is needed to prepare your home for sale
  • Stage your home, free of charge. Yes, we believe that strongly in staging. Yes, it can make a big difference in the sale price of your home.
  • Provide you with a robust service package to market your home effectively, inclusive of home inspection, professional photography and floor plans.

Where do we start? When we meet, we will establish a pricing strategy for your home, create an effective plan of action to prepare your home and define a strategic marketing plan to sell your home.


Below are some frequently asked questions, which we hope will help clarify the selling process further. If you have any other questions, please let us know!

Where do we start?

While we understand that you have your own personal reasons for selling your home, our job is to help you to get the highest sale price possible.


We will begin with completion of a seller's profile. This will highlight the best features of your home, your neighbourhood and any other specific details you feel are important for potential buyers to know. We will also review all of the technical aspects of your home - wiring, electrical service, income (if applicable), condominium amenities (if applicable), etc.  


Next we will assemble a timeline, which will outline specific items that will be taken care of before the house is listed for sale. This timeline will include decluttering, any odd jobs that need to be taken care of before listing, as well as components that we will schedule - floor plans, home inspection, professional photography..

How do I prepare my house for sale?

One of our primary roles is to help you to maximize the value of your home by attracting more interest.  We have a very thorough listing of elements to discuss, and options to add value to your home. These include:

Renovating - this can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or as major as installing new flooring. We will discuss the cost and benefit of all potential renovations and decide upon what (if any) should be done ahead of listing the property.


Enhancing Curb Appeal - first impressions are very important! We will discuss how the exterior of your home should be presented to ensure the best first impression. This may include grass and garden maintenance, window washing as well as exterior lighting and yard/deck improvements.


Home Inspection - the last thing anyone wants, is a surprise issue arising after an offer has been accepted. In most cases we will schedule a home inspection to be completed in advance of listing the property, so that we are aware of any issues that may cause concern for buyers and allow us to take remedial action.


Staging - Staging specifically refers to how we want to present your home to potential buyers. We will work with you to declutter and depersonalize your home, remove excess furniture and knickknacks, organize closets and ensure cleanliness.  In addition, we will stage your home using the furnishings that you have that work and supplementing with staging furniture as needed.


This is a complimentary service that we provide for free. Please review our staging information for a full overview of our staging service.

How do we decide on a price?

Before making this decision we will ensure that we understand market conditions, both broadly within the economy and locally within your community or neighborhood. We will discuss the benefits of pricing right and attracting the right buyer as we work together to arrive at a price strategy and final listing price for your home.

What else needs to be done before my home is officially on the market?

We will formalize our discussion by entering into a Listing Agreement. This agreement commits our team to marketing your property for a designated amount of time. It will also outline the commitments of both parties to the agreement, as well as the marketing fee to be paid upon successful completion of the sale.


To facilitate this process, we also require the following documents:

  • Plan of Survey
  • Property Tax Receipts
  • Mortgage Verification
  • Deed or Title Search
  • Other Documentation

Lastly, we will discuss any items that will be included or excluded from the sale of the home and the timing around when you want the transaction to close.

What services do you offer when marketing my home?

We offer a comprehensive marketing package for your home, which will be discussed in depth as a part of the listing agreement. Depending on your unique needs, our package may include:

  • Staging (consultation, coordination and sourcing by GR/MM)
  • Pre-listing home inspection
  • Professional photography and virtual tour
  • Professional floorplans
  • Website postings
  • Interior feature sheet
  • Exterior feature sheet (attached to lawn sign)
  • Neighborhood flyer
  • Pre-Open House 4 hour clean
  • Flowers for the Open House
  • Agent Open House
  • Neighborhood Wine & Cheese Open House
  • Painting or handyman allowance (Consultation, co-ordination and sourcing by GR/MM)

We're prepped and listed. What can we expect during showings?

First impressions are lasting impressions! To ensure that we highlight all of the positive features of your home for potential buyers, we have a detailed checklist to ensure the exterior and interior are presented as well as possible - from clearing walks of snow and ice to turning all of your lights on and adding fresh flowers for a pop of colour!

When we can expect an offer? And how do we handle it?

It's difficult to predict when an offer will be made. Some houses sell in hours and others take weeks, depending on factors such as pricing strategy, geography or even that valuable first impression!



We will be in touch constantly during the selling process, updating you on any feedback received from other agents and the number of visits made to your home.



Once an offer is made, we will contact you immediately to discuss a time for the listing agent to present the offer. During this presentation, we will discuss all major elements of the offer, and how they may impact the sale of the home. The major elements of an offer include:

  • Price - depends on the market and the buyer, however the offer price is usually different than the listing price.
  • Deposit - shows the buyer's good faith and is applied against the purchase price of the house. We will discuss the suitability of the amount of the deposit.
  • Terms - the total price that the buyer is offering as well as the financing details.
  • Conditions - the offer may be free of conditions, or it may include one or many conditions such as "subject to home inspection", "subject to buyer obtaining financing" or "subject to the sale of the purchaser's property".
  • Inclusions and Exclusions - these may include appliances and specific fixtures or decorative items such as window coverings or even furniture.
  • Closing or Possession Date -generally the day that the title of the property is legally transferred and the transaction of funds finalized, unless otherwise stated.

We've accepted an offer and sold our home. Is there anything else we need to know?

After you've accepted an offer, we will make sure that all components and requirements have been fulfilled and the offer is firm and final. We will also ensure that you have selected a lawyer to assist in completing the sale and will facilitate any agreed-upon visits to the house (appraisals, buyer inspections, etc.) in the time between sale and closing of the property.


Lastly, we will provide you with some moving tips and recommendations, and are always here to answer any questions that you may have.  We are thrilled that we could be with you through this journey!

What does your commission cover?

The sale of a property generally involves the payment of a commission ot the listing brokerage by the seller. The full commission is generally split between the listing brokerage (representing the seller) and the co-operating brokerage (representing the buyer). 


From the listing brokerage's portion, a portion of this fee goes to the brokerage itself. The remainder overs all of the costs that we incur through the sale process: staging costs, production of marketing materials, cleaning costs, house inspection, floor plans, photography and virtual tours, flowers for the home. The remainder is the agent's net commission.

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